Financial Credit Tips to Help You Cut Back

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Today we are faced with what might be potentially the next great depression and this is actually a good thing for wise people!

Now don’t panic because there is always a solution to a problem so you are in good hands if you just try and think outside the box a little bit.

What can you do now to start saving money and to ensure that this doesn’t affect you as much as others? Well for a starters you can begin to review all of your expenses. What I mean by that is your spending habits. We all have them and to varying degrees of course but let’s say that you earn $50k per year and you are spending $60k per year, then something has to change right!

It does have to change because you can’t keep living on borrowed time and borrowed money.

Eventually not saving money will catch up with and you may be forced to downsize your car and your house as well. This is if you still have a job to pay for it. The fact is that the middle class will be affected the most because they like to keep up with the Jones’s and this is because they spend and buy new toy’s all of the time.

If you are middle class then you might like your life now, but I think that you had better at least be prepared for an uncertain future. There are many things you can do right now though to ensure you have some savings.

Look at your spending habits now and see what can you eliminate! Then start to look at ways of increasing your wealth in order to give yourself a secure retirement.

What things could you do without? What things could you downsize? Are you prepared to cut down on your spending of luxury goods? You have to get clear on this unless you want to stress yourself out in the future. Take what you have now and look carefully at what you really need.

The key is to look At Investing And Using Leverage To Increase Your Wealth!

As I said before these are great times for us but how?

Well, when we are in a downturn as it were there are far more opportunities to increase what you have. Obviously you want to cut back where you can of course but you can also use the idea of using other people’s money to increase your wealth and your worth.

It really is up to you to begin looking at ways to maximise your cash and get rid of credit. I will help you make saving money easy if you want to check my ideas. I will list a few simple ways to save $100’s per month starting right away. Take what you want from this and get started on eliminating debt. Good Luck!:)

Here are a list of helpful ways to start saving!

1 Drive the car less (if you can!) OR buy a smaller car, it will save you a ton of money on fuel/Gas not to mention Insurance and Tax.

2 Quit the Gym membership and use free exercise mostly like running,swimming,Yoga or walking.

3 Cut out luxury food items all together or at least keep them to special occasions or weekends.

4 Cut down on drinking, smoking, junk food, and material spending (i.e clothes, jewellery). If you already have a Nice Black shirt why get another?

5 Make your own Sandwiches for work. A lot cheaper.

6 Drink less commercial coffee. Just 1 cup less a day could be $60 to $120+ per month in your pocket. Amazing really!:)

7 Try to download free information from the internet instead of buying books all the time. It’s an online library.

8 If you can grow vegetables then grow them. This includes growing herbs and keeping chickens too.

9 Break down Monthly bills and subscriptions and cut them in half. What are you spending on monthly that you could stop now?

10 Don’t be drawn into commercial adverts or shops. Walk away and realise what you have just saved money and space.

11 If you want a particular item let’s say sunglasses and they are $70. Look online first and buy the item for less, that’s what I do.

12 Check your car yourself, Oil, Water and tyres and you will need less services. Also keep the tyres pumped up as it saves on fuel.

13 Do you have old video’s or books? Or any items you can throw on eBay? Check the loft you might have an antique you could sell.

14 Start a small business on the side. (I recommend an Internet Business because of low start up and low overheads!) Learn more Below.

15 Get rid of Credit Cards and just keep One because they are not money they are debt! Only buy what you can afford.


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