The Financial Credit Crunch & Its Affects

September 25th, 2020 by admin Leave a reply »

The credit crunch and recession has hit the country with a massive impact within the last 6 months and most people have been affected by this, whether it’s a shortfall of finances, house repossessions, missed payments or a cut back to lifestyles. If you are looking for loans and credit cards you will have found that many lenders refuse where they would normally accept applications due to the risk and scare that has been spread across the UK.

Even though borrowers have access to credit their policies and standards are tightening which has an adverse affect to you and me. If you have money in savings accounts and in company shares you will undoubtedly have noticed a massive difference since the credit crisis struck, but the biggest difference comes in house prices because right across the UK house prices have fallen by a dramatic amount and if you are in the process of selling then you could be losing anything from £5,000 to £30,000.

Large organisations and smaller business have also suffered and many of these have had to cut staff and even closed their doors because times have got that hard for the owners that they cannot afford to keep staff and companies going. There has been a significant knock on effect from company to company and even though governments are looking for a way out things haven’t got much better just yet.

However with all this going on it is still possible to be accepted for secured loans, personal loans and credit cards, and during these periods of financial complications you must keep looking on the bright side and make the best of what you have.



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