The Importance of a Credit Report and Scores

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There are lots of people who don’t have a clue as to where they stand in terms of their financial health. Just as most of them will not know what ails them until they go for a medical check up, they also do not know if they are financially healthy until they apply for a loan or a credit card and are turned down.

That is when they realize that they are in a serious financial mess. But it doesn’t have to be this way. People can know about their financial status much before disaster strikes and be well prepared for any contingency. If they knew the benefits of a credit report and scores, they can make use of them to get a better picture of where they stand financially.

Credit report and scores are a measure of the health of a person’s finances. Using these scores, financial institutions will decide whether or not it is safe to issue a loan or a credit card to this person. They will know the degree of risks involved in dealing with the person financially.

Therefore they will adjust the interest rates accordingly to take on the financial risk of dealing with the person. Therefore having a good credit rating will eventually pay off in easier negotiations and benefits when dealing with financial institutions. So it is important to obtain a credit report and scores in order to understand one’s true financial status as seen from the financial institution’s perspective.

While some people are not aware of where to obtain a credit report and scores, others assume that they might have to pay for them and therefore never bother to obtain them. Actually, credit report and scores can be obtained free of cost at least once a year from most credit bureaus.

You may not get a clear picture from just one a credit report and scores. Therefore, you can apply for two or three reports from different credit bureaus at different times of the year so that you get an unbiased view of where you stand financially. This will help you to plan your financial future immensely.


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